Easy Pharma Business Management program for pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies and cosmetics companies

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Administrative programs use in institutions and companies to computer systems in the administrative processes to mitigate the burdens, easing financial expenses on staff

Easy pharma

Easy Pharma Business Management program for pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies and cosmetics companies

Easy Pharma Program

Easy Pharma is one of the easiest business management programs to manage pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, and shops selling beautiful products,

It has many advantages and performs all the tasks of pharmacy management from adding the price of medicines and cosmetics

The price is divided into two price orders for the pharmacy and

the price of the consumer.

Easy pharma

The Easy pharma software is a business management program that features clear,
accurate and very fast and includesan accurate system for alerting the quantities of
medicines and cosmetics that are nearing expiry of their useful life.
Medications and cosmetics are accurately calculated in stores, and they also make permissions for sale,
purchase, invoicing and ratings of customers, suppliers, and buyers,
In addition to managing the affairs of Al-Omayam, we will be careful to set the audience and
go carefully and identify bonuses, incentives and discounts.
You also have a comprehensive list of all medications available at the pharmacy,

All this and more you find in the Easy pharma program

Easy Pharma is made up of multiple modiols to make your business simple, organized and accurate.

* Modulol System validity

This mobile can control the management of the pharmacy, and make a report of expired types,
the Easy pharma program is very accurate in this matter,
It also gives you an alert of the types and items that are close to expiry,
and the Easypharma program determines which expired types,
The types of medications that fall under the classification of drugs are categorized.

* Customer and Supplier Modiol

The Easypharma program registers customers and suppliers and records the credit limit for each vendor,
It enables you to discount customers and even enable you to make a discount ratio for each vendor,
as well as easy pharma to specify for each vendor a sales representative,
Easy Pharma can also prepare comprehensive and accurate accounts of suppliers and customers,
As well as insurance company accounts and periodic and detailed reports on the pharmaceutical demands of companies.

* Mudiol Sales and Purchases

The Easy Pharma program in Mudiol sales and purchases enables you to record purchases, sales, and returns very easily.
Quite easily and you can make reports so as well as you can make an invoice and send
it via email making it the best business management software.

* Treasury Modulon and expenses

This enables you to watch all stocks and accurately record imports and exports,
Transfer your balance from the safe to your bank account and make a detailed report on the movement of the balances.

* Staff Affairs

You can record employees ‘ affairs by registering all the employees ‘ statements and working
with you and fixing salaries and vacations.
The detailed bonus discounts for each employee and a detailed report are done. Also, you can work with
employee affairs to make a detailed report to each employee.

* Modulon Reports

This provider performs many accurate and comprehensive reports of all software models from
item movements, stocks, stores, customers, buyers, and accounts
Make and print invoices and send them to Excel or PDF files and even send them via e-mail to the department.

* Multi-user Modelle

Control this tuner by managing an indefinite and infinite number of users and specifying a password for each
User and give specific permissions to each user on the limit.

* Modelle and Backup Insurance

This enables the provider to back up all your data and see it anytime you want and this backup
The program does it automatically to prevent errors from occurring.
Easy pharma of the fastest and most accurate business management software Pharmacy Management
provides full control over pharmacy accounts

Contact us and get your copy of the Easy pharma program.

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